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Gender Parity 2022 Election News Release

Check out Colorado 50-50 in the news!

9NEWS – Achieving gender parity in our US House delegation and in our State Legislature.
The story is at about 16 minutes, right after the weather. (11/22/2022)

Inspiring Women to Run for Office

The Most Powerful Women in D.C.; Where are the Women Nobel Laureates? (Weekend Reading on Women’s Representation)

Colorado Nonprofit Awarded National Grant to Promote Gender Parity in Elected Offices

Jena Griswold’s possible Senate run draws criticism from women already in the race

Five Minutes with Erin Hottenstein

Sexual harassment protesters, accusers greet Colorado lawmakers as legislative session begins

How Colorado lawmakers are addressing sexual harassment at the Capitol

News Releases:

Gender Parity 2022 Election News Release

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