The Hidden Power Within Local Government. A virtual training. Wednesday, February 28, 7-8 PM, Zoom. Advanced registration required. Image includes an illustrated group of different women voters and the Colorado 50-50 logo.

The Hidden Power Within Local Government

Did you know Colorado has both a Presidential Primary and a caucus? You have probably already received your mail ballot. You can drop it off or vote in person between now and March 5. That takes care of one part of the election.

Another very important part of the election will be happening at caucuses around the state from March 5-9. That’s where you can support local candidates to get on the ballot for the June Colorado Primary. Some caucuses will happen in person and some will be by Zoom. It just depends on what party you’re affiliated with and what county you’re in.

You can become a delegate at caucus to help support your favorite candidates. Delegates go on to the county assembly, the state assembly, and may even go to the national convention. Many people don’t know that if you want to be a delegate, you must attend your local caucus.

Getting candidates on the ballot isn’t the only thing that takes place at caucus. It’s also where people step up to be precinct organizers. These are the folks that do some volunteering to encourage their neighbors to get out and vote.

But that’s not all precinct organizers do. They also choose replacements for some elected officials who don’t or can’t finish their terms. This is also known as a vacancy committee process. Here’s a startling fact: 29 of 100 of our state legislators were chosen by a vacancy committee! Precinct organizers hold a surprising amount of power in Colorado – and the place to become one is at caucus.

Join us for an online webinar on Wednesday, February 28, from 7-8 PM, called “The Hidden Power Within Local Government.” There you will hear from regular folks just like you. You can learn more about:

  • How to attend a caucus
  • What it’s like
  • How to vote at a caucus and help get local candidates on the ballot
  • How to become a delegate
  • How to become a precinct organizer

By the way, we want you to know that participating at caucus and beyond is pretty easy and not that complicated. We just want to break it down for you, since we want you to feel comfortable and good about going.

At Colorado 50-50, our mission is to demystify the process of getting involved in local politics. We want to see as many people participate as possible, because that’s what makes our democracy work! We hope you will join us for this interesting and fun webinar.

Advanced registration is required, and easy to do. Simultaneous Spanish language interpretation will be provided. See you on Wednesday, February 28.

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