Colorado 50-50 Calls for Overhaul of Workplace Harassment Policy at the Colorado Legislature and the Removal or Resignation of State Rep. Steve Lebsock

Our group began following the #metoo revelations at the Colorado Capitol in mid-November. Since then, we have delved into the Workplace Harassment Policy under Joint Rule 38 and discovered it has a multitude of problems. It is a process that is very exposing for victims and is difficult to navigate. We are seeing problems at every step of the way from the initial reporting to the investigating to the decision-making. The process can be politicized and should be in the hands of an independent body. Lastly, the policy lacks transparency. This is a significant problem when the person accused of harassment is a state legislator. Voters cannot hold elected officials accountable without information, such as how many harassment complaints have been filed against a lawmaker.

In light of the reporting in this area, Colorado 50-50 is calling on the resignation of State Representative Steve Lebsock. Media reports say Lebsock faces allegations that he harassed, intimidated and made unwanted sexual advances toward eleven different women. Two of them – a lawmaker and a lobbyist – have filed formal workplace harassment complaints with the Legislature. Rep. Lebsock has breached the public’s trust. We have lost confidence in his ability to conduct the people’s business and we call on him to resign. Should Lebsock fail to resign, we call on the Colorado House of Representatives to remove him from office.

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