Colorado makes history in 2022 election

Colorado makes history as #2 state in the nation with a female majority in the State Legislature with 51 women out of 100 seats.

Update — February 10, 2023 — One Democratic female State Representative resigned and later pled guilty to criminal charges for lying about her place of residence to run for reelection. Her replacement was male, bringing the number of women down to 50.

Colorado made history in the 2022 election by achieving gender parity with legislators at both at the federal and state level.

For the first time, four of eight Colorado members of the US House of Representatives will be women – a doubling of the current number:

  • Diana DeGette (District 1, Democratic incumbent)
  • Lauren Boebert (District 3, Republican incumbent)
  • Brittany Pettersen (District 7, Democrat)
  • Yadira Caraveo (District 8, Democrat)

This is the first time that Colorado has sent a Latina – Dr. Caraveo – or any woman of color to Congress. It’s also the first time that District 7 will be represented by a woman.

Up to now, only five women have ever represented Colorado in Congress. Besides DeGette and Boebert, the others were Patricia Schroeder, Marilyn Musgrave, and Betsy Markey. 

“It’s amazing that this time has finally arrived,” said Erin Hottenstein, Colorado 50-50 Founder. “Women have been helping to build this state into the great place it is for 146 years and yet we didn’t have our voices equally represented in the halls of power. Now we will.”

At the State Legislature, voters elected 51 women out of 100 available seats.

  • State House – 39 women out of 65 seats
    • 34 Democratic women, 5 Republican women
  • State Senate – 12 women out of 35 seats
    • 10 Democratic women, 2 Republican women

That’s the first time in our state’s history that we have had not only gender parity, but a female majority in the Legislature. The next closest time was in 2019 when we had 46 women.

“We’re excited to see these historic milestones, and we know there is more work to do.” Hottenstein said. “Colorado has never had a woman governor or US Senator, and many cities, including Denver, have never had a woman mayor. 

“We also know that we can’t have a truly representative democracy without more women of color serving at all levels,” she continued.

“Colorado 50-50 looks forward to continuing our work in inspiring and training women to run for office, so that we can break even more glass ceilings,” she said.

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